Dubbe Moulder Architects  |  Jackson - Wyoming

Munger Mountain Elementary School

The newly completed elementary school’s architecture was designed to blend the premises with the Munger Mountain hills.


Munger Mountain Elementary School

Jackson Hole, Wyoming  •  77,000 sq. ft.

Design Team: Kurt Dubbe, AIA; Mackenzie King, John Fabian

A new modern school in a beautiful location over a 20-acre site at the foot of Munger Mountain south of Jackson, Wyoming, this 77,000 sq. ft. structure just opened this school year and hosts 584 K-5 students. It is located in the south portion of the Teton County School District, nine miles south of Jackson.

As Jackson architects and engineers, we had a personal and professional stake in its ultimate success: just as you will as a member of this valley's community, we are now and will be living with the results of this project for many years to come. For this reason, DMA carefully assembled an excellent team of consultants and experts for this project, and, quite importantly, all are Wyoming-based (EDA EngineeringY2 Consultants). We also worked closely with Tobin & Associates, who was an essential and efficient partner during the whole process, contributing to a timely project delivery, and on budget.