Dubbe Moulder Architects  |  Jackson - Wyoming

Saddle Butte Residence | Dubbe Moulder Architects

An challenging project on the side of a hill. Every detail has been thoughtfully considered to create an elegant home with classical architecture.


Jackson, Wyoming  •  8,000 sq. ft.

Design Team: Kurt Dubbe, AIA; John Fabian, Nery Ortiz

Growing up in a David Adler home in the north side of Chicago, the client has maintained strong memories of comfortable, traditional architecture and the unique characteristics of her mid-western heritage. A long-time resident of Jackson Hole in western Wyoming, and an active leader in bringing renowned classical music to the area through the Grand Teton Music Festival, the client engaged DMA to work with her to create her dream home. Drawing inspiration and classical references of country homes from such early 20th century notable as David Adler and Charles Platt, and more recently, Robert Stern and Allan Greenberg, we set about designing her home. We were challenged with integrating all project scope objectives within the context of a steep site with limited access, Compounding the challenges of a rugged site with building in a high seismic zone with considerable snow and wind loads while working with dimensional boundaries of building setbacks and height limits was difficult to overcome. With the unflagging support of the client, a connoisseur of interior design, the design and construction teams succeeded in completing this beautiful project.

Partially buried in the mountain, the house is organized on three principal levels vertically, with a central focus on the main stairs and associated stair halls at each level. The living room, dining room, master bedroom, library, and office all have framed views of the distant Teton Mountain Range. Design intentions include somewhat formal living in a traditional mountain setting, generous public spaces for family living and occasional entertaining, and complimented with a few smaller, more intimate spaces. Exterior materials include native stone base, horizontal wood and shingle siding, pre-cast stone entablatures and pilasters, and copper roof. Interior materials include stone tile and wood floors, plaster walls and ceilings, and painted wood profiles throughout. Innovative, high-performance mechanical and electrical, and lighting systems where integrated within a traditional aesthetic.