Dubbe Moulder Architects  |  Jackson - Wyoming

Rambo Residence

A home with a varied color palette, much texture on exterior walls, and judicious space design.


Jackson, Wyoming • 1,838 sq.ft.

Design Team: Chris Moulder AIA

This home was designed as a space for a small family. The architecture is streamline, with roof lines matching those of nearby hills, and a rich color palette of greys, reds and blues was chosen to make this residence veer away from dull one-color exteriors we too often see. Variety was added again with different siding, laid horizontally and vertically. Windows were judiciously placed to add interest to the building, and bring plenty of light indoors.The interior is modern, with dark stained Douglas fir columns, beams and window trims, a stone veneer gas fireplace for style and convenience, all adding a slight rustic note to the whole. The decision was made to stay with a white palette to emphasize the modern look, which remains prevalent in this home.

Gifted with interior design skills, the owner took great care to furnish the place with beautiful pieces and artwork, staying with the neutral palette originally chosen, and the result is delightful, intimate, and inviting spaces, both indoors and out.