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Our main focus was to capitalize on the available natural resources by protecting them and integrating them into the design of this ten-lot subdivision.


Location: Teton County, Wyoming   •  Square Feet: N/A

Design Team: Chris Moulder AIA, Nicki Davis, Jennifer Bush

Acting as Prime Architect and Land Planner for this project, Dubbe Moulder Architects was charged with the master planning of the 42 acre site into 10 proposed building lots. Along with the master planning of the site, DMA also planned the improvement of an existing USFS road to be upgraded to Teton County subdivision road standards for the proposed Community.The design team’s main consideration for this project was to capitalize on the natural resources of the site by protecting and integrating them into the design of the subdivision, thereby enhancing the natural aspect of the property and its location adjacent to the National Forest. Great lengths were pursued to minimize the disturbance of wetlands and the timbered hillsides. The natural attractions of the property have been molded into a comfortable and desirable residential environment with minimal disturbance to the natural environment. Numerous designs were created and evaluated, each iteration reducing the wetland impacts, until arriving at the proposed layout.

This development accommodates many design parameters and has evolved into a very comfortable community of residential home sites, each with its own unique set of natural amenities. The sensitive design and integration of the natural vegetation and topography provide ten residential lots, each a little different from the others and with a sense of privacy.