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Dong Residence | Dubbe Moulder Architects

This house remodel transformed a structure that was originally a poorly placed and outdated home into a modern one with a stunning view of the Teton range.


Teton County, Wyoming  •  6,955 sq. ft. 

Design Team: Chris Moulder, AIA; Ben Weisbeck

Gently sloping away from the end of the road, the lot the original house was built on is located in the Stilson Ranch subdivision, and the existing home was placed on it in the late 1970s. Its commanding views of the Grand Teton and the Puzzleface Ranch below seems as if building a home facing the former was a straightforward decision. Yet, upon visiting the site for the first time Chris Moulder, exclaimed: “Initially, the placement of the house must have been done in the dark or on an incredibly cloudy day because they missed the Grand by about 45˚!

This home is a classic example of what was considered a mountain modern one at the time. But it was poorly insulated, had dated finishes, and it did not address the view potential for the property.

After carefully documenting and analyzing the existing site, plans, and elevations, DMA quickly determined that relocating the main living, dining, and kitchen spaces needed to directly address the view of the Grand Teton and surrounding mountain range. Gutting the entire home and re-identifying spaces was the puzzle solved.

Now, with large windows in place, the living room offers expansive views of the Grand Teton range, as the remodeled home directly faces it. Other numerous large-span windows were added throughout the home redesign to take advantage of the views, and the new kitchen and breakfast nook spaces are opened to the beautiful landscape.

The connection from the existing house to the new addition is important: rather than a cold and dark hallway, large windows were again placed to invite natural light in, brightening up the space and giving a hint of what the living room will offer.

The new master bedroom replaces the old living room. The old and stark moss rock was removed and travertine tile was used to modernize and brighten up the new contemporary design.