Dubbe Moulder Architects  |  Jackson - Wyoming

Dong Residence | Dubbe Moulder Architects

This house remodel transformed a structure that was originally a poorly placed and outdated home into a modern one with a stunning view of the Teton range.



Teton County, Wyoming   •  6,955 sq. ft. 

Design Team: Chris Moulder AIA, Ben Weisbeck

The original house was built on an amazing 2.34-acre lot west of Jackson, Wyoming, and must have been placed on the property in the dark. Stunning views of the Teton range to the north were for some reason ignored and the low slung ranch house, although  contemporary at the time, soon became outdated and inefficient. It was quickly determined that appropriating and re-identifying existing spaces and adding a new wing would allow the public portion of the house to be rightfully oriented toward the Grand Teton. This whole house remodel and addition could not happen without the absolute understanding, by the client, of the architectural vision being proposed.