Dubbe Moulder Architects  |  Jackson - Wyoming

Coe Cabin Renovation and Upgrade




Jackson, Wyoming  •  Old Growth LLC project - Historical building renovation

Design Team: Kurt Dubbe, AIA; John Fabian, Nereida Ortiz, Alex Charintsev

The West lives on! Previously Sweetwater Restaurant, the original 2,100-square-foot cabin is being renovated into a new restaurant under the Persephone umbrella. Originally built in the early 1900’s, the Coe Cabin has endured many winters. Now the structure’s future is looking bright with the renovation and an addition and plans to continue its use as a café where diners from all over the world will be able to appreciate the building’s history. The new owners, John and Shelley Holland, of Old Growth LLC, saved the aging structure from being demolished, and along with preserving it, decided to add a 600-square-foot addition where the former deck was located. This added space will provide an extra dining area as well as a rooftop deck overlooking Snow King Mountain.

“The architecture of the addition has been thoughtfully designed with an eye toward historically preserving the original Coe Cabin while incorporating a more current building aesthetic for the new build portion of the building,” a press release stated.

Kurt Dubbe, a founding member of the Teton County Historic Preservation Board, is helping with the process.