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Canetta Residence I Dubbe Moulder Architects

A contemporary and comfortable home in the Rafter J subdivision.


Canetta Residence


Jackson, Wyoming - 2,560 sq. ft

A simpler design was chosen for this over 2,000 square foot home. Its challenge was its location, at a corner of 2 streets, and the intention was to preserve as much intimacy as possible, which was mainly accomplished by creating a fence-protected patio on the north side, while keeping an open view to the west mountain range. Siding and stone veneer on the facades give much texture to the exterior.

A spacious living room boasts large windows, flooding the space with light, much needed in winter. The floor plan is opened, with living, dining room and kitchen in succession. A contemporary style throughout the home was an obvious choice, yet the addition of beams to the tall ceiling was the perfect way to add a slight rustic touch, and the same contrasting note as the dark-stained window trims.