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Cabin Two North Residence | Dubbe Moulder Architects

A project to expand on an existing home, adding a modern silo as an unusual element.


Teton County, Wyoming  •  14,095 sq. ft.

Design Team: Kurt Dubbe, AIA; Alex Charintsev, John Fabian, Nereida Ortiz

The owners are part-time residents of Jackson Hole and their family has been in the valley for many years. They have acquired this property a few years ago and contacted DMA to design a couple of structures. A very long, narrow bench, the site is very challenging. Our first project with the Cabin Two North client was to design and build a thousand square foot guest house with an elevated second story to capture more effectively the views to the west of the Tetons as well as some remarkable views to the east to the Gros Ventre range, the Sleeping Indian and Jackson Peak.

Prior to this project DMA was engaged by Grand Teton National Park to do an existing conditions evaluation and assessment of four principal historic barns on Mormon row. Our client knew about the barns and, after reading our report, decided to seek our services since one of the barns, the May barn, had become an inspiration to them. They decided that they really wanted to maintain this strong historic connection in their project.

As a result, the guest house design reference comes directly from the May barn, with its elevated gambrel roof framed structure. This current project scale and proportions are very similar to it, and the materials used are comparable since they really wanted to be as sympathetic to the May barn historic fabric as they could. Yet they also wanted to have new comfortable living accommodations for themselves, including a three-bay garage.

Consequently, some landscaping and site development work has already been underway and DMA is now designing and scheduling a full structure construction from spring to fall, including a silo with a central residential pneumatic lift and a staircase revolving around it. This residence being intended to be a seasonal one, there will also be a small child's fort, some horseshoe pits, a fire vessel with elevated seating, and a water feature.